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OVM is dedicated to mentoring offenders, supporting victims and bringing hope to our community. Our trained staff is dedicated to assisting in the ways of conflict management and reconciliation.  We have been certified by the Office of Kansas Attorney General and our programs are backed by years of research and experience.

What We Believe

Since 1973, Offender / Victim Ministries has developed and administered programs that build on the biblical tradition of Shalom, or peace. Through its various programs, OVM addresses the needs of offenders and victims for restoration, rehabilitation, friendship, restitution, and reconciliation.

Through OVM, volunteers are able to receive training on how to interact and impact inmates appropriately. Some have even gone on to develop, and lead arts programs inside the maximum, medium, and minimum security facilities at HCF.

We believe that through these interactions, we are repairing, rebuilding, and strengthening the ties holding our community together.

OVM Leaders

Libby Schrag

Libby has a rich background in Restorative Justice, and brings to the organization a lot of understanding in this field.

Stacey Mann
Stacey MannDIRECTOR of Batterer Intervention Program

Stacey Mann is the Director of Batterer Intervention Program. She is a great addition to the organization.

Ben Kreider
Ben KreiderDIRECTOR of Prison Ministries

Ben Kreider is a graduate of Bethel College and one of newest members here at OVM. He can help you get involved!

Thea Nietfeld
Thea NietfeldDIRECTOR of Community Justice Programming

Thea Nietfeld is the new Director of Community Justice Programming. She is a wonderful new addition.

Bev Baumgartner
Bev BaumgartnerAssociate Director of Constituency Relations

Bev Baumgartner is Associate Director of Constituency Relations. Great listener, will find the answers to your questions!

Jessica Griffith
Jessica GriffithVictim Liaison

Jessica Griffith is the Victim Liaison for the Batterer Intervention Program. Really great with people, will help you find your way!

Will Shook-ShoupBatterer Intervention Co-Facilitator

Will Shook-Shoup is a Batterer Intervention Co-Facilitator.

Get Connected

OVM is now, more than ever, connecting with the community through social media. Please help us to develop this voice and outreach by sharing your voice on one of the platforms below.




Why Donate to OVM?

We appreciate any and all donations because to enable and operate the programs OVM offers, every generous donation counts toward improving our community. Some donate time to this cause, knowing it is an experience of giving and receiving. Still, many also make financial donations that go a long way in supporting our programs. We thank you, the inmates and participants thank you, and you will feel the great reward after making a simple donation today.

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