Getting Involved with OVM

Three Ways

donate money


Local business contributions and donations from great community members like yourself make OVM’s work possible. With this support we are able to bring reconciliation to families and restore justice to relationships.

volunteer support


Assistance comes in many forms, some big and some small, but all important.  Sometimes just encouraging words to someone you know who is involved can go a long way. And of course prayer is welcome.



Volunteering is the ultimate sacrifice and highest reward. It is a chance to give hope to someone looking for a new start. It is more blessed to give than to receive. OVM and the people you impact thank you for your service.

How can I support?

An organization like OVM requires lots of support from the community. You may be thinking you do not have time to give, but please think again. Even simple acts like passing the news on to friends and family, sending a caring email to encourage the staff, and certainly, prayer – all of these can help, no gesture or action is too small.

Please get in touch with us if you would like to offer your support. It’s always much appreciated!


I want to volunteer!

Jesus taught us to feed the hungry and visit the prisoners. Dozens of inmates go weeks, months and years without a visitor. Volunteering to be there for an inmate once a month is so appreciated by the inmate. Contact us to learn how you can find reward through service.

The simple but important process necessary to becoming a volunteer starts with an easy-to-fill-out application.

Fill Out Application

What else is there to learn about OVM?

OVM has a rich history worth reading about. For many years we have been serving the community by bringing justice and healing to relationships. Our unique approach to restorative justice is explained in further detail on the home page.

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OVM is an interdenominational, church-based agency that emphasizes justice, accountability, caring and reconciliation. Our offices are located in Newton, Kansas and we serve the greater community, including inmates at the Hutchinson Correctional Facility (HCF).

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Our Mission is plain and simple to address the needs of offenders and victims in the community. We have developed and administer programs that work toward bringing restoration, rehabilitation, and reconciliation between offenders and victims. At the root of our mission is the key understanding that a resolution to conflict marks the beginning of a journey toward lasting peace.

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He’s made himself available to me [and] remembers things we talked about during our monthly visits.

Appreciative words from a visited inmate

My own family doesn’t even care about such things.

Appreciative words from a visited inmate