Restorative Justice

Reconciling Conflict and Rebuilding Community

The mission of OVM is to develop and administer programs that effectively address the needs of offenders and victims, helping to find justice and make things right again through restoration, rehabilitation, friendship, restitution and reconciliation.

Guided by scripture and faith, we believe restorative justice is the community work Jesus encourages in New Testament teachings. Restoring peace to relationships and the greater community is making things right in the eyes of God.

Overall Vision of Justice

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Crime is Violation

Violation of a person or persons against another person or persons that causes harm to the victim, to the offender,and to the community, and creates obligations on the part of the offender.

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Restoring Relationships

Justice is the restoration of right relationships between victim and offender and within the community through the meeting of those obligations inasmuch as is possible as negotiated by those involved.

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Biblical Vision

This vision is a biblical vision in which restoring relationships is at the heart of justice,the community of shalom. We are letting our light shine.

Restorative Justice puts a human face on the handling of crime and violence. Rather than being purely punitive in approach, restorative justice involves the entire community.

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Goals of OVM as Approved by the Board


Our main goal is to communicate the vision of restorative justice to the church and community, and educating the community about the issues challenging us daily.


To bring restoration to the incarcerated offender by providing social contact with the outside community through volunteers who offer friendship and positive role models through regularly scheduled visits.


Provide restorative justice alternatives to the criminal justice system through which victims & offenders take more seriously the need for accountability and restitution, for forgiveness and reconciliation.


Serve as a resource and a vehicle through which caring individuals can become involved in restorative justice services and programs that respond to the needs of victims and offenders.

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Offender / Victim Ministries (OVM) provides programs that promote individual and social health, by supporting victims, mentoring offenders and educating the community. Community members have found enrichment and feelings of achievement while participating in our programs.

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OVM is an interdenominational, church-based agency that emphasizes justice, accountability, caring and reconciliation. Our offices are located in Newton, Kansas and we serve the greater community, including inmates at the Hutchinson Correctional Facility (HCF).

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The work OVM does in the community takes a lot of help from people like you. We are always accepting new volunteer applicants so learn more about getting involved and how you can find a way to give back to the community through rewarding service.

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