Offender / Victim Ministries

Restorative Justice is Making Things Right

Offender / Victim Ministries provides support and services for both offenders and victims in the central Kansas area. Restorative justice is rooted in tribal justice and the biblical tradition of shalom, or peace. It also takes inspiration and guidance from Jubilee economics and the Sermon on the Mount. Though the process is often complex, our mission remains simple: rebuild strained or broken relationships and ultimately work to restore community.

Restorative justice is an approach to crime and other wrongdoing that focuses on repairing harm, encouraging responsibility and involvement of the parties impacted by the wrong.

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Programs for and by the community.

impact prison program

IMPACT Program

Providing opportunities for growth and development is at the root of our IMPACT program. In most cases, participants are referred by an official. Others who are in need of support may voluntarily enroll. IMPACT brings various skills to participants setting them up for healthy relationships in life.


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M-2 Inmate Visitation

The M2 program offers a chance for volunteers to connect with an inmate who receives few if any visits otherwise. This is our most popular, and arguably our most effective program because being a consistently caring witness to one another is without doubt a great experience for both inmate and visitor.


Prison Arts Program

Offender / Victim Ministries Prison Arts partners with Hutchinson Correctional Facility to bring arts programs to those incarcerated at HCF. Incarceration is not the end of the road, it’s just a new beginning in one’s life. Arts opportunities, both visual and performance, give inmates hope and the chance to spread their wings again.

prison arts program

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With the guidance of Director Libby Schrag, the OVM staff has designed and implemented programs to work with individuals who are being referred by local businesses, corrections, court services, and other officials and community agencies.  OVM also accepts walk-in and self-referrals for some of the programs.

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Jesus in his ministry told his disciples to love their enemies (Matthew 5:43-48)…

…to forgive… (Matt. 18:21-22);

…to turn the other cheek… (Matt. 25:32-46);

…to visit the prisoners (Matt. 25:32-46).

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What else can I learn about OVM?

OVM is an interdenominational, church-based agency that emphasizes justice, accountability, caring and reconciliation. Our offices are located in Newton, Kansas and we serve the greater community, including inmates at the Hutchinson Correctional Facility (HCF).

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Offender / Victim Ministries (OVM) provides programs that promote individual and social health, by supporting victims, mentoring offenders and educating the community. Community members have found enrichment and feelings of achievement while participating in our programs.

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Our Mission is plain and simple to address the needs of offenders and victims in the community. We have developed and administer programs that work toward bringing restoration, rehabilitation, and reconciliation between offenders and victims. Conflict resolution is the beginning of a journey toward lasting peace.

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